Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Out with the with the old :)

If you you know anything about GRIND, you know we like to keep it local and re-use or re-purpose materials to build our restaurants.  Imagine how excited we were when we found these diner counter stools in the basement of the Riviera.  They were the original counter stools from the 1950's  That my friend is "OG" ..... Original Glenwood :)  Tony Rosa the owner was kind enough to let us use them if we cleaned them up an took care of them.  Nothing a little elbow grease can't take care of.....

After  :)

See you at the new GRIND....

720 Grand Ave.....Upstairs Next to Springs and Doc's
For those of you who are "OG" it is where the Loft used to be.

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