Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We are off to battle!!!!!

On Thursday we are heading down to Denver to compete against 12 other burgers for the title of best burger.  We are the only place ever to be invited outside of denver.  Of all the restaurants that have a burger on their menu, and I am pretty sure every restaurant has a burger on their menu by this point :) , we are already in the top twelve.   No pressure  ha!  Maddie was kind enough to model a little swag we are bringing to let the Denver folks know that when we say our beef is local we mean it!!!!!  


Friday, April 26, 2013

Building New Bar Stools For GRIND

So when you are looking for bar stools for a new restaurant where would you look first?  Furniture store? Restaurant supply????  Not at GRIND we call a plumber :)  Hey Stu can you cut and thread some 2 inch pipe for us????  We want to mount it to the floor with industrial plumbing flanges, attach seats from the 1950's, Oh....and they need to swivel :)
Really Mike????  :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Figuring out the table bases for the new GRIND.

So this is how my man George and I spent a rainy Saturday.  Designing and building table and bench bases for the new GRIND.  It turned out to be a really fun afternoon. It was like building a giant erector set :) and if you need to know where to find any 3/4 inch black iron pipe George is your man!!!  Oh and the tables look awesome :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Out with the with the old :)

If you you know anything about GRIND, you know we like to keep it local and re-use or re-purpose materials to build our restaurants.  Imagine how excited we were when we found these diner counter stools in the basement of the Riviera.  They were the original counter stools from the 1950's  That my friend is "OG" ..... Original Glenwood :)  Tony Rosa the owner was kind enough to let us use them if we cleaned them up an took care of them.  Nothing a little elbow grease can't take care of.....

After  :)

See you at the new GRIND....

720 Grand Ave.....Upstairs Next to Springs and Doc's
For those of you who are "OG" it is where the Loft used to be.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I forgot to share this with you guys.....

Here is a couple ideas from the visioning process for the new grind.  The layout is pretty much the same but the colors are changing a little as the finished product comes along.  I love this part....

Take a bunch of type A personalities, from kitchen crew to front of the house....stir in some designers and some contractors.....OMG.   When you are done you get something that interacts with hundreds of people a day and if it is done right it makes those peoples day just a little bit better  :)  @ecollections

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Starting to look like tables.....

A little stain to make them GRINDish and they will be ready for butts and burgers :)